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About Us

Net Systems Research was founded in 2015 by a group of security data researchers to gain insight into the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) across the internet. Net Systems Research provides organizations of all sizes with knowledge about IoT security risks on the internet. Our solutions require no installation or setup and help customers monitor their network perimeter, assess third party risks, and achieve global network visibility.

Use Cases

Scanning Methodology

At Net Systems Research, we provide our customers with solutions to assess cyber security risks across the internet. Due to the fragmented nature of modern networks, risks to an organization can come from anywhere in the world; an insecure IoT webcam in Cambodia now poses a cyber security risk to a Fortune 1000 retailer in France; a Vietnamese hosting provider can unwittingly provide phishing sites that target customers of Australian Banks. To combat these emergent threats, Net Systems Research gathers information on the internet and provides customers access to sections of the data that are relevant and applicable to understanding risks to their networks and those of related third parties.

Net Systems Research gathers information on the internet in several stages. The first stage involves scanning for open ports. We are judicious about which ports we scan and do not scan every port on every IP either sequentially or randomly. Once an IP is listed as having an open port, our scanners will attempt to communicate with that port using appropriate protocols for given ports. If TLS is advertised or implied by the port number, a TLS handshake will be initiated to collect certificate information from the server. At this point, the connection is terminated.

Abuse Complaints

As current and former network administrators, we understand that some IP owners may object to our scans against their networks. If you would like your IP ranges to be excluded from our scans, please contact us at abuse[at] with the IP ranges and any associated ownership information that is relevant to processing your request.

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